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Default Well, To End the Thread...

I went with it, back in May 2009. So, now, almost precisely two years later, I can say one thing for sure about the LG 30":

It's beautiful.

I've never found a single dead pixel. No bleeding around the edges. You can view this thing from almost any angle with no change in the picture. The stand, where someone in this thread said it was shoddy, is perfectly sturdy enough, and adjustable enough to keep me happy. Never had to raise its height, though, so I can't tell you how stable it would be that way. It's survived a couple moves, from place to place, with no issue.

Response time is perfectly fine for hardcore First Person gaming, and my rig has always been perfectly capable of pushing over 60fps at 2560x1600, with moderate to high settings for everything I ever played on it. I recommend having v-sync ON with this monitor. (If they even make it anymore.)

Anyway. I felt like this thread needed some sort of closure, though I realize I'm way out of date on computers and hardware at the moment.
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