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Default EVGA - Always getting in the way...

...of larger coolers.

The good old EVGA Classified, the first one that came out. Remember that? It was so exciting to pull that thing outta the box, to take in all the blacks and reds... and that extremely tall heatsink right below the CPU socket, with its red, pulsing-heartbeat E-shaped light.

That thing is annoying, right now.

I'd like to know from anyone who has had this board (or one like it) just what kind of CPU heatsink they've managed to fit on it. To date, I still have a lame, bent-up stock sink in there. One caveat of mine is that I have the Corsair Dominator GT line of RAM, with that nifty little cooling fan.

I'd really love to hear that I could use some of Prolimatech's lineup, like the Armageddon. Better yet, the CM V6GT, though I've heard good and bad there. I love the numbers and the way it looks, but the noise... the fans would have to be controlled, I think. Or just replaced.

I don't trust my own measurements, is all. I trust consumer reviews on sites like Newegg even less, since everyone and their pet gerbil on that site has a "High Tech Level" and almost all of them speak with the vocabulary of a 5-year-old.

Anyway, I'd love to hear any available opinions, facts, or ideas on what's possible here.

P.S.: Some of you may remember me. If you do, you may remember the "Dragnipur" build thread. Sadly, it's likely to remain forever unfinished. Given a couple more years I'll make something new. We'll see.
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