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No I'm not crazy , and yes I have fire insurance

Thanks for the words of concern.

Let me assure you however , I do actually know what I'm doing.Safety is my #1 concern , believe me.The entire machine is going to be surrounded by nonflammable gas , and I'll be building active solvent recovery systems.Even the blanket gases are going to be properly ventilated.


I managed to get my first vacuum jacket pipe put together today.

Step 1 : 1/2" and 1/4" soft copper tube ;

Sized and straightened ;

I'm using flare unions on this sucker....metal to metal .....

The full monty :

Downstream end :this is where the vacuum connection is made....

Tank end :


Hopefully i'll be soldering part of it together tonight......But it need's a 90 degree bend , which im werkin on......

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