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someone remind me how what and where for this event
How is pay $5 and show up to shoot people, win stuff, and have fun. You can buy a tournament seat here

When is May 14th at 12 noon.

Where is:
Gamers Vault
4986 Chemin Queen Mary
Montreal, Qc.

Across from snowdon metro

can i bring some ale,btw?
Sadly, you cannot. But if you come we can all go out for a drink afterwards. lol

my 10 years old son want to know if he can register and play
If you don't have a problem with him playing video games that involve shooting people then I don't mind him playing. The event should be pretty kid friendly.

hmmmm, Crysis 2, haven't play it yet. Is it like Crysis multiplayer?
Its similar but the suit has more abilities. Its a fun multiplayer game in my opinion, even though it will never make it on the pro circuit.
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