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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
I'm downloading the client right now. I'll give it a whirl. If I dig it, I'll sign up for the clan after I get the hang of it. I've never used teamspeak before, but I'm sure it's not that difficult.
You'll want TeamSpeak 3 beta, either 16 or 32 bit.

It's easy to set up. To get it to work with my headset, I found I had to plug in the headset (USB), then start WoT or restart it, then TS. Go into WoT's settings for sound and adjust.

If you've joined a clan, you'll now get a Clan 'lobby' where you can ask for the TS settings, IP, port and password. Or PM me for the info.

WoT can be a 'grind' working your way up, but with all the variations of units within a game, such as no artillery, 1 artillery or 4?; are you at the top of the' food chain' tier?, the middle or bottom; does the map favor your unit type? It's never static and you have to adjust your game play accordingly.

There's two basic ways of winning a match - kill all the opponents or cap the flag. Next will be Clan wars.

Strongly recommend that you either form a platoon (up to 3) if you have a premium account ($) or join a platoon (no premium account required). I found you tend to win more matches with platoons then solo and TS makes a huge difference. The game does have in-chat mode but seems to be spotty. It also has an in-text mode as well.

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