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My System Specs


I fold in general because I have access to computers that can help in the cause, and members in my family are affected by diseases this project is working to understand and prevent. I fold for HWC because I find it fun

It will take a lot more than this to stop me from folding for HWC, but I think we'll have to review CC's rules for "alliances" when this is over. Slapping 30% seems rather biased and insulting... to do this objectively the contest organizers would have to keep track of EVERY folder for EVERY team who switches temporarily for the contest. Since that's impossible, maybe we need a new metric, or go back to the old one.

I gave it a bit of thought (between typing the previous sentence and this one), and I can't think of anything short of SecuROM levels of evil to keep track of what individual folders can do. One of my ideas was how many folders on the team hits a certain folding milestone, but of course you'll have someone with a lot of CPU cores or GPU spam accounts. Even if folding supported something like World Community Grid's # of devices per user that could be exploited by renaming your computer several times. All in all, I think it's unfeasible to go with the current % of total metric if the captains are going to be that picky about it.

The only thing I can think of is to sacrifice the team-vs-team competition for recruitment of new folders:
  • Everyone in the Chimps Challenge folds under the same team id, maybe one dedicated to CC
  • The first year will give a baseline for the number of points all the CC participants produced EDIT: or just sum up every CC username's points
  • For the next year, set a higher goal based exclusively on an estimate on how improved technology gives better PPD
  • If you recruit new folders, you'll exceed the goal
  • Rinse and repeat

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