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Unfortunately, there are no 120Hz IPS panels available. Having said that, most of the available IPS panels handle motion just as well as many of the fastest TN panels.

Now, I'm also assuming you may be a bit misguided about 120Hz technology. 120Hz tech in TV's differs from 120Hz tech in monitors. In TV's, 120Hz technology is mainly used as a way to display 24 frame material natively without cadence (24 is a multiple of 120). However, most people associate 120Hz technology in TV's with the smoothing feature these screens offer. This is an interpolation technology that "predicts" frames and inserts them into the frame sequence, "smoothing" the motion image.

With computer monitors, however, 120Hz technology isn't misleading. 120Hz in monitors gives a true refresh rate of 120Hz and therefore allows for a useable 120FPS.
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