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I'm new to this (folding and CC) so take my opinions for what they are worth.

From what I've heard previous years CC were over in something like 2 days while some of the other teams might take weeks to finish the 20 million points required. EVGA, simply due to it's size, was known to be the winner before the contest started and everyone else participated just because, well, they wanted to promote folding as a whole. It seems to me, it's a little crazy to ask a team that would have NEVER had a chance at winning up until this year to take a 30% points hit to keep things close while in previous years a team with a massive advantage walked away with it and nothing was done.

We weren't the only team that had a low point/Chimp-point ratio, we didn't even have the lowest ratio. In fact the competition is very tight between most of the lowest and highest point producing teams so the Chimp-point system accomplished exactly what it was meant to do. HWC just did a better job of obtianing a high participation rate.

The last thing that concerns me about this is that it sets a precident that if there is enough complaining about the way things are going the contest will be altered mid-stream to soothe the babies. This means that any time EVGA or other large teams don't like how it's going they know how to change it, but where does that leave small teams in the future if they're getting the shaft and they don't have the numbers, or the lack of class, to constantly innundate the competition chat/facebook/twitter/captains with spam and complaints?

This honestly has not turned me off of folding, and I will continue to fold for BGB for the duration of this contest. But I'd be lieing if I didn't say that it's making me a lot less eager to join a team after the competition ends.
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