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Unfortunately not all captains educated their teams well enough as to the new system it seems. But beyond this some people didn't bother to read all of the information.

It is a new system and there are growing pains. I would like to applaud the captains though for making the change when they did. It is a competition but it is also a celebration of folding and a great coming together for the teams. The captains put the goal of folding ahead of the contest and tried to keep the fun in the Chimp Challenge.

So thank you to Chris and FiXT and everyone for all their hard work in not only getting the Chimp Challenge going but trying to keep it on track. It is no easy task with so many competing interests involved.

Being Mother's day and reflecting back on the last 10 years of taking care of my Mother with early onset dementia and being faced with nothing but continual deterioration at far too young of an age, I'd like to hope that everyone takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture. The real reason I fold is so that no one else has to go through what I have had to for the last number of years.

Besides the Canucks aren't out of it and it will be even better when HWC wins and the other teams have NOTHING that they can complain about.
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