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Thanks Lpan (or Ipan)... I've read multiple reviews on head-fi.. The only thing making me iffy about the A151s is I bought a pair of M6s.. and like most reviews say, to get the right fit is a PITA, I'm giving up on it, I can't seem to find a proper fit and seal off course....

But all the reviews on the A151 for comfort are good. On the other hand I've used some Panasonic headphones that have oval eartips similar to the Klpisch, and they are super comfy for me, hence the Klipsch..

I've also looked at the Mee CC51, super nice headphones. They are on sale on newegg for $79.99 w/ free shipping.

Off course the main thing is where to buy, shipping is expensive wherever I buy (well sort of ... the A151s on newegg are $79.99 w/ $4.99 shipping.

Oh before I forget, I listen to music that has beats, so techno/trance, dance, remixes, pop, rock.. umm.. I do occasionally listen to country music or soft music, but I can handle metal or heavy rock or something like that. I've had a pair of Maximo iM 590 suggested by Jackie, very nice pair of headphones, but I find the tips too big, I've tried the sony hybrid tips, but those make the headphones slip out. I can still wear them on, but the microphonics on those are just terrible, even if I wear it over the ear.
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