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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sparkix View Post
One thing I've learned when building a server (also applies to HTPC) that houses a mass of data but may be updated periodically is this:

Buy a medium sized HD for the OS and applications.
Keep your media on separate drives (physical drives - not partitions).

This lets you upgrade the OS by performing a fresh format/install and then just mount your media drives after. Much easier. Also, as technology changes, you can change your media storage method.

Just a tip that has made life easier for me in the past.

I do the same. I even do that with my main rig. All media content and stuff I want to keep is on individual HHD. I also put there some programs.

As for GPU, I'd rather have a discrete card rather than using the integrated device. I don't know how the new ones are doing (2600k-2500K) but I fine that a bit more power gives you a some leeway in that department. I'm using a HD 4670 in mine and it's nice enough.

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