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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
In short, yes.

If your 2 sets of ram have different timings, each setting has to be to the looser or slower setting of the 2 sets. If one is 9-9-9-24 and the other is 7-7-7-21, you should set it to 9-9-9-24. Ram can always run slower, but not always faster.
However, it's usually difficult to find all the advanced settings from the manufacturer, and get them set up too.
here are the timings (MOBO defaults it to 9-9-9-24) OLD SET: 7-8-7-24 NEW SET: 7-7-7-21 So should I just set it to the old set's latencies? also the new set is 1600mhz, while the old one is 1333, I have the freq set to 1333 though.
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