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Default Can freezing be caused by Timings being off?

I bought some new ram a couple of months ago and Windows 7 has been freezing like once a week since then, but I could never really narrow down the problem. I then remember my CAS latency always being set to auto because my first 4GB of RAM didnt like having their latencies keyed in, and windows would fail to boot unless set to auto. Anyways I changed the latencies from 9-9-9-24 (auto) to 7-7-7-21 as that is the latencies labeled on my new set of 4GB ram. The two sets I have (4 x 2GB all together) are the same voltage and their timings are almost exactly the same. One thing I want to note is that on my new set of ram, one of the stick's Heat spreaders are kinda loose lol. Anyways both sets are from g.skill, the eco series.. I'm going to try and see if my freezing stops now!!!
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