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Default Client/Monitoring questions from a noob

Hey, I'm new to folding and i'm running into trouble getting my video card to fold. I got my CPU to fold with SMP and can monitor it using also got an HD 5870 that i'd like to put to good use, but I can't get it to work using GPU2 (using the -forcegpu ati_r800 switch). It kept on trying to connect to a work server, but for whatever reason, couldn't.

I'm currently using the F@H v7 beta client to get my 5870 to fold, but I read that it doesn't report the correct PPD. To simplify the PPD submission, I added my CPU in folding @home using the SMP mode but it's folding much more slowly (~6k PPD vs 170 ppd with F@Hv7).

Any hints to what's going on and how I can maximize the PPD for the team would be much appreciated.
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