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My System Specs

Default GPU Memory Clock???

Uhm my standard clocks of my Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X OC Edition are

Overclocking it to
860/1350 will give me artifacts and the beginning of a freeze...

960/1300 SEEMS TO BE stable ATM...

Why my memory won't overclock???
It's not like a coreclock and memoryclock combo..

I already found out that my card is slightly retarded with his temps, but now even more with it's memory clocks.. lol I really have a weeiirddd card.

O I use Catalyst 11.4

Edit: Even at 930/1300 BFBC2 Crashes and I think it is a software issue either from the driver or BFBC2, no OCing for me then ><

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