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Default Making F@H rigs vacation-resistant?

Hi all,

I'll be going off for a 5-day trip soon, and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent my folding rigs from choking while I'm not there to poke them.

The two rigs in question are the following:
  • Main: Core i5 2500k SMP + Radeon 4870 GPU2 on Windows 7 x64
  • Server: Phenom 9950 OC to 2.7 GHz SMP on OpenSuse Linux 11.3
I know GPU2 is less efficient than allowing my CPU have the cycles for SMP, but I want that GPU to burn before I get a new one so I want it to fold ... plus it means my rig won't idle if one of the two runs out of WUs.
I'll have a third computer folding, my laptop, but I'll bring that with me and fold off the hotel's power

As the subject, should I do something to make sure they Go_Bananas all through my trip? I will have the rest of my family at home, so I may be able to get them to poke the rigs but I can't have them do anything too detailed.
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