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My System Specs


I'm an AMD / ATI folder for GPU so I may be wrong about the GPU.

For your work computer, can you find the FAHlog.txt and post its contents here? That will let us know if it's a HFM.NET issue or an issue with your folding.

The best I can think of for your 1090T and 560TI (for pure PPD) is a combination of an SMP3 client for the CPU and a GPU3 client for the GPU (I assume Windows OS?). There are many different client types (to the point of being confusing now...) The clients are available at the following link:
Folding@home - DownloadWinOther
For your CPU, use "Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 SMP2 client console version".
You already found the SMP install guide so you can use that. One thing that varies though, is you can specify "-smp X" where X is the number of CPU cores to dedicate to the client. You should be able to do -smp 6 for your six cores, but if your PPD seems lower than others', try -smp 5 because the GPU client may eat away at cycles your CPU could use. ATI is a lot worse for this than nVidia but it still happens in both camps.

For your GPU, use "Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 GPU3 (required for Fermi) no-nonsense console client". (well you could use the system tray but I don't particularly like them as it's HARDER to see what the client is doing at any given time IMHO)
For the GPU client, you want to use the "slightly higher" or [low] priority setting so the SMP client doesn't starve the GPU client. I can't help you with detailed settings for the GPU3 client so I'll leave that open...
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