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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Are you suggesting that any business requires a "special" license of MS software? I don't believe this is so, and while a business would not be permitted to use something like the 3 user "student" version of office, I'm pretty sure the regular (including OEM) license is completely within EULA for business use.
I figure OEM/Retail keys are mainly for home use only. It's cost prohibitive anyhow to use it in corporations. Also typically speaking, with proper corporate licensing, you get much better support from MS should anything go wrong.

For a small business, assuming just simple applications, I'd probably consider running Small Business Server which would give you your Active Directory, GPOs, Exchange, etc. Assuming it's not totally cut down, it should also support Remote Apps, or look into Citrix and Wyse. Then just buy a bunch of thin clients (or build your own budget Atoms/AMDs) and run the new Windows 7 Thin PC (or prior Windows Embedded).

This way all the apps would be on the server and less chances of viruses and stuff assuming you kill off Internet access or seriously lock down the clients via GPO. Easier from a management standpoint too.

I know the whole mainframe w/ dumb terminals is such an old concept, but it's quite an efficient one and picking up ground once again as technology has improved vastly. You can easily run Office over RDP on a 100Mbps LAN connection, and even better on 1Gbps, assuming the server is capable. Theoretically, you'd never have to upgrade client hardware, only server hardware.
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