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Originally Posted by biff View Post
Here's a pic of my case layout:

I've since removed the two fans at the top of the case because I found they did squat. The NB cooler is a Noctua NC-U6. This is a really good cooler just not passively. With no fans running around it the temp of the base as measured with an IR gun is about 53 and that's at idle. Everything seems to work OK but that temp doesn't sit well with me.

Mounting a fan at the back above the expansion slots blowing out hoping to direct case airflow past it didn't improve things much it at all. I switched the fan around so that it blows in somewhat past the NC-U6 and the temps at the base dropped to 34 and that's while priming. Big difference. The down side is that makes 3 fans blowing into the case and none blowing out so, when the side is on, there is too much static pressure and the temps of the CPU and GPU suffer.

My case is pretty quiet which has sparked a little "quiet kick" so adding more fans is not what I want to do. I have come up with three solutions:

1. Remove that fan at the back and try to sleep at night having the NB running 55+.
2. Mount a small fan on the NC-U6. A neat solution but It still doesn't eliminate a fan.
3. Get a MCW30 and include it in the GPU loop.

All seem to have +'s and -'s but I'm favouring solution #3. I know WC a NB is way over kill but it allows the elimination of a fan, hose routing will not be any hassle, and there will be minimal additional load in that loop. And that loop keeps my 8800GT at 47 max loaded temps which includes an overvolt so I feel there is easily extra capacity there. A very minor benefit is a small additional "coolness" factor too.

Any thoughts on this?
Hi biff,
Wow! Nice setup ITS SO FRESH & SO CLEAN! Great Job !
I would also just slap a small fan on the NB Since your hose/loop is minimal and tidy already. Id say leave that mod as a future upgrade ifs its neccessary and the NB fan isnt cutting it.
Also can you edit the picture or explane the airflow of your system?
Is the rad sucking air up and blowing it out the top & rear of the case? or is it opposite what im saying?
Just make sure you have it setup so that its not trapping hot air inside the case!
Very nice case BTW I like the clearance you get for the rad/components
Might I also comment on the tidyness and the wireless-ness =P
Good clean setup for those newbies getting into water cooling and want to have a good idea and setup this is IT kids!
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