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My System Specs


Sorry for bumping this old thread but the review is really confusing to me

For e.g.

Once again we are seeing some awfully impressive results as the V6 GT can at the very least tie the Thermalright Venomous X. That really sums things up nicely and helps put this heatsink in its proper perceptive: it can play with some of the best coolers out there. Unfortunately, at all but stock loads it is unable to really match the might of Prolimatech’s beast.

How come??

How are Prolimatech/Venomous better when the temps of V6 was quite lower in the
Mid-Speed Fan Performance Results graph, and other as well i really dont get it.


Peak - 73c
Average Load - 69
idle 37


Peak - 80
Average Load - 76
Idle - 42

This is clear win for the V6, also the same confusing conclusion for that graph is for the
Venomous X.

Venomous X

Peak - 81
Average Load - 76
Idle - 42

Please, someone explain this to me because i plain to buy the V6 GT, thanks!
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