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Thumbs down SMART Short Test Failure


I have experienced this on my HP Pavillion All-In-One IQ846 Desktop. The log shows it is on my D (backup drive) and a search of the Web indicates that Hitachi is known to have physical failures of their product, so I assumed it was the hard drive. I am in the process of Cloning it, out of the unit, because the 846 went black a few days ago and I have to ship it back for a new motherboard. All the other tests passed. Just thought everyone would like to know they are not alone and it is not one specific drive. And this unit was a replacement for an 816 that had many problems. Good thing I bought the Extra Care Package, which allows for replacement; however, I had to go through h.... to get one. My advice...clone it on another drive after backup and trash the hard drive!
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