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Yup, synth tests only tell half the story....and can LIE.

They are good for certain things like POTENTIAL. but thats about it.

Though one thing I disagree over is relying on QD of 1 for "quick and dirty" POV for SSD's. Personally, thats just too low a que depth. I used to think it was great...but since then I have found it to be a tad...misleading. In a modern OS the depths are usually deeper than one yet shallower than 32. I personally would love to see CDM and / or AS-SSD add in QD 2 and QD 3. In the mean time I usually take the QD1 results as "minimum" and the QD32/64s as "maximum" with real world speeds falling somewhere in between the two extremes (though closer to 1 than the deep end). Thats why I find the new Vertex 3 to be faster in real life than the C300. No idea on the C400 as I havent played with one yet.

The dif between the Crucial and Intel using basically the exact same hardware is (IIRC) Intel writes their own custom firmware for their version. Only time will tell who is "better" at it. ;)
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