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The technician called me today at noon and was at my house within 10 minutes.

He brought a new monitor of the same model, and the same revision and date manufacturing date (REVA02, Mfg: Feb 2011) which was the same as the one I bought and seems to be the latest.

The monitor was replaced because of the initial issue but didn't change anything else, which I considered to be a problem. It turns out that is just how the monitor is - tinting issues are still there for example. But don't get me wrong i'm far from disappointed with it.

The monitor was brand new and came out of the box in front of me.

One thing however is that the new monitor had a slight issue with the power button, that in order for it to work you have to press it a little harder. The tech saw that and ordered another monitor which should come tomorrow. But regardless I can stay with this one it's just a minor issue, more of my pettiness and less of an issue actually.

In conclusion, I am amazed by the level of support that Dell gave me (although it is refereed to as "Dell Israel" it's actually another company, which is originated at Israel, who takes care of Dell's warranty). The tech didn't even check the screen at all and i'm delighted by the speed it went down, and the level of support I received.

I think Dell deserves a big praise for that because it seemed too good to be true, and I owe it to Dell.

Things worked out great in the end and I do want to write about my very positive experience with their technical support. I will be doing that in the appropriate place and in Hebrew as I cannot speak for other countries.

A big thanks to the community for their help.
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