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Originally Posted by Wurmer View Post
I don't exactly know what it is but I had a tone load of trouble using the IA suite specifically the OC feature and my rig was running good for pretty much every thing else but that program. It might just be the program itself. OC was possible but now by auto tuning. I don't know how exact it is but a friend of mine told me that this program is known to be buggy. It is possible, I don't for sure but I can tell you that the program was really working well on my previous AMD rig. BTW my is rig is pretty similar to yours.

Okay thanks, I will try doing it manually. I just wanted the lazy way out originally. I am having tons of issues with my video card, i don't "think" that is why... but it could be?

I'm getting the dreaded driver stopped responding. Could be a dying card, in the works of explaining it to zotac.
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