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I bet a 5 on Paul ;)
Yep you got me. :) I am the one, the only, the really awesome Paul from MicroBytes!

Isn't it Gamer's WORLD?
It used to be Gamers World. Last May the partners of GW went their seperate ways and one of them re-opened in June as Gamers Vault. The place is MUCH cleaner, brighter, has AC, and invested in all new machines. Over all, a better place now in my opinion. However, if you look at Google maps it still says Gamers World.

hmmm, maybe I be in. Anyone know a free or cheap parking spot near this?
Yep, I do. You can park on Westbury just before it meets Isabella. Its a two minute walk to Gamers Vault from there. But you have to go down a fair bit on Westbury because near Queen Mary the parking is 1hr only on Saturdays. Or as was said you just park at Namur and take the metro a couple stops.
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