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Wow, NCIX can be a bunch of boneheads.

I sent a customer care request in asking what is going on with the 3.5mm cable. I didnt receive any response, so the next day I contacted them by phone. Spoke to a very nice phone rep who agreed with me that there was no reason why the item should not have shipped already. He assured me that he would send a note to the warehouse and they would rush my order out.

Today I get an email in response to my customer care request...

Hello -------,
Sorry we couldn't acquire the product in time. Here is a breakdown of the modifications I made to your order:
Swap SKU #42744 to SKU #44264-1265
This produced a credit of $3.37. I have sent you an updated invoice that reflects the adjustments I have made and the new total for the order and I have converted the credit to a credit note and sent you the credit note number so you can apply it to a future order!
If you have any questions or requests please feel free to send us an email!
Thank you very much for your time,
---------- ---------
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Richmond, BC, V6V 2L5
Tel: 1-877-624-9777 Option 1
Tel: 604-288-8080 ext:1140 & 1141
Fax: 604-288-8022
Dated Apr 27, 2011 at 07:34 AM composed by you

When I originally submitted the order on the 12th of April, the item was in stock, and I check and again and it is in stock. Why hasnt it shipped! No excuses.
You actually have the item you are telling me you have backorder listed as AVAILABLE as 2 different items on your online store. - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Online PC Discount Store, Buy Computer Accessories
Please ship out this item from my order TODAY with express shipping or just cancel the order and I will purchase it from a more competent online retailer.
Thank you.

What is this moron talking about!?!?!! The sku's are to do with G Skill Ram and nothing about a 3.5mm stereo cable extension. In my 15 years of computers (private and corporate) I have not dealt with a more incompetent customer service. I even included a direct link in my request. How can you screw this up so bad?

This experience, even though very small in $ value, has really turned me off from NCIX. If this was a larger purchase I would probably be screaming at the next CS rep I speak to.

Well, everything is on hold until I get this kink straightened out....
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