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How many people are registered, registration is to play ?

Considering registering, but really not interested in FPS, never really played those in single player, let alone multi, I'd be about as good as that as I am at dancing (a chair and me is pretty much the same in that regard, except, I am taller)
When I last checked (this AM) registration was still under 20 people, but that may have changed by now.

When you register you get entered in the tournament.. which is FPS for this event. Now, even if you are not good you may still have fun. Just in case thats not tempting enough, your $5 registration also gets you into our prize draws. The prizes are all really nice computer related stuff like: SSD's, Corsair Ram, Cases, PSUs, Coolers and more! Also, you get to play in the lan center all day (depending on number of guests we may have to rotate people occasionally but they do have SC2 and LoL for sure if your a rts guy), free food and drink, and the chance to talk to people from Gigabyte, Nvida, Corsair, and Intel. On top of that, I am still working on some other things to add value to that $5 fee you pay. But since its still in the works I can't go into details atm.

All marketing aside, I just want to make sure people have a good time.
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