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You can't compare forums to technical support where they can legally hold you for every word that comes out of your mouth. Besides, regardless of how you may perceive I chose to express myself, reasonable people can do the math and come to the simple conclusion that I am no expert and only have 1 specific product so even if I would say something about the whole series, it would be baseless.
People who are stupid enough to take and trust my, supposable, unfounded, word on it... well, they never really had a chance to begin with...

Anyway now that this thing is over, back on topic as I refuse to debate this stupid issue any longer, and will not say another word about it, so tease away...

It is hard for me to believe that things will go so smoothly as it sounds, but I will report on whatever the outcome is - next week.

If it would go so smoothly, and I would encounter such a phenomenon, i'll be sure to praise Dell wherever I can.

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