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My System Specs


The saga continues.
I just put in a support ticket with Sapphire.
This is what I wrote:
I suspect there is a problem with the lower DVI port on the GPU.
I have an eyefinity setup.
The problem is that I infrequently experience one of my 3 displays going yellowish in colour. (ASUS VW266H 25.5 LCD 1920X1200 2MS)
It is always just one display, and the issue usually only occurs at startup and lasts for about 5 minutes.
The problem does not appear until the next startup.
The problem also starts before Windows is loaded.
And the problem sometimes manifests as a total disconnect. A black display. No video feed at all.

I have tried the latest Catalyst drivers (11.3) and it didn't help. I went back to 11.2 because I lost over 60% of my fps in games with 11.3.

I have updated the mobo to the latest bios.

I have updated the operating system to the latest windows updates, including SP1.

I have tried switching the DVI cables (single link) at the back. (the ones that came with the monitor)
I have tried using high quality DVI cables (dual link) and switching those at the back.
Specifically: I turn on the system and the left display is yellowish in colour. I shut down and switch the left and right display cables at the point where they connect to the GPU. (i simply switch the upper DVI to the lower DVI) The problem then switches to the right display when I start up again. This suggests that there is an issue with the lower DVI port on the GPU...or, something within the GPU that operates that port.

I have tried moving the GPU to another PCI-e slot. Same issue occurs.

I bought this system new and received it mid-January.
The problem did not start occurring until a few weeks later.
As part of the troubleshooting, I switched the new high quality dual link DVI cables and put back the original ASUS display cables. The problem went away for about 4 weeks, then came back.
The builder at NCIX said I needed to bring the whole system in. Seeing the system is so huge, and I have no vehicle...i'm opting to go this route with Sapphire first.
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