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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Assuming you pay for the Static IP, then it'll be static. Otherwise, whenever you reboot your modem (or disconnect) you get a new IP.

On cable though, rebooting the modem usually doesn't give you a new IP (unless it's been off for quite some time). However if you plug a device into the modem with a different MAC address, then you get a new IP.

However we are quickly running out of IPv4 addresses, so I'm guessing soon enough they won't be offering the static option at all.
You don't get a new IP every time you reboot your modem or computer.

DHCP servers have a "lease" time that basically states you have the IP for a certain amount of time and depending on the ISP it can be a short time or a long time.

And the whole IPv4 vs IPv6 .. we won't see IPv6 in a home for a long time. There is still a lot of IPv4 ips to go around that never get used.
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