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After a few tiering days, I was finally able to contact Dell Israel technical support, and to my great surprise I was not disappointed.

Dell's representative told me that a tech will call me next week to coordinate his time of arrival at my house.

He also said that he'll come with the same monitor and replace it on the spot, without me having to show or prove anything to him.

It was a very pleasant major surprise for me and i'm so happy to see the end.

On the other hand though, words are only words and it remains to be seen if what he told me is entirely true.
The tech for example can tell me to turn it on and say nothing is wrong (because the problem doesn't present itself now, if you read my previous posts), he could come with a different monitor or a monitor that isn't new. I don't know how Dell works back in the states, but here those things happen.

I hope everything will go through as he said it would and I can finally put this behind me.

The only last thing I have to say is - "please mighty lord, please, make the product he brings an issue free one"

I will report as to the final result of this scene...
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