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Thank you Magnetar.

I am not a fond lover of small number of SSD's in RAID 0. With the 2nd gen SSDs it really (IMHO) only starts to really pay off when you get into the 3 or even 4 SSDs in raid 0 (I find adding in a second only nets about 85%'ish more performance...though that is changing as the newer Intel PCH's take over from the older ICH 10s). Soooo my answer is get two, make one your C the other your D. OR better yet just get ONE big arsed one and make it your C. While the dif in performance varies from minor to great depending on the controller...One large SSD > two small. This always isint feasible (especially if you already own one SSD and just want to spend a couple bucks on your upgrade) but thats always my first recommendation "get the largest SINGLE ssd you can afford, if you find you need more room...THEN go get another one".

Hope that helps :)
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