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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I remember reading somewhere just recently that it was ~56% integrated, ~44% Discreete. Of which that 34% was split up 56% ATI and 44% nV. The numbers were similar to that anyways, which is why I can remember them

...Now that really doesnt tell much considering the market goes from OEM low end cards (ie the GT210, ATI 5250 etc) INCLUDING integrated junk, all the way up to the discrete monsters, nor does it reveal when the data was polled (My guess is 5/6 series ATI since they are 'winning' this round according to the market).

What that DOES show us is that the market is flooded with over half of PC's being shipped with shitty low end intel/nv/ati integrated gpus . But much like all of computer history; Integrated is the future. Smaller and smaller chips with more and more built in to them.
Sorry, when I was saying we make up 10% I ment on the High end crap like 450/460 and above.

But you are probably right with those numbers there Sagath.
The market is clustered with tons of low end GPU solutions, however if we look at it realistically that is okay. Most of the end users don't need anything but that.
My Old work purchased 2-3mil in Dell's per year, and they had some of the crappiest GPU's on board, but that is all they needed.
Its all in the market. For now though the integrated for us will take a long time on the GPU end as Shrinking the whole design will take some time still.


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