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My System Specs


I have just a few questions before I order my cards:

1. Besides Metro 2033 and Crysis: Warhead's absolute maximum settings, are there any games for which SLI GTX 560's would be inadequate?
2. Is there really so much of a difference between, for example, 4x AA and 8x AA on Metro 2033 that it would make a noticeable difference in quality?
3. Aside from the little bit of additional eye candy (i.e. extra AA), is there any other practical use for the firepower of two GTX 570s?
4. Will the amount of VRAM on either cards be sufficient for the near future? I've been told otherwise, but since I have yet to hear of a game or program that actually uses more than 1GB of VRAM under normal circumstances, I have to doubt the credibility of anyone who seems to thinks more RAM is always the solution.
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