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The upshot is that it doesn't make sense to install a 64 bit version of Vista in order to better utilize 4 GB of memory simply because the 32 bit version would only recognize 3.5 GB. The problem is that while it is true that you would "gain" the missing memory, you would also immediately lose it to the system due to the 64 bit version's larger memory footprint. Thus, using a 64 bit version really only makes sense with larger memory sizes.

Yes makes perfect sense!

What they are saying is that if you have a 64bit OS with 4+ gb of memory Vista is gonna take a larger chunk of that to reserve it for the OS which equals in less physical memory for programs and such to use.

When using a 32bit OS with 4gb or less of memory Vista won't allocate as much to the OS thus giving you more physical memory.

Which is why I keep saying this: 64bit is not needed, won't be mainstream and the only people who are running it are running it just cause. There are truly people out there who can benefit from a 64bit oS like 3d Modellers and Audio/Video people, but in reality most people just use it cause.

32bit will be perfectly fine and capable for many years to come and just install 4gb if you wish and accept that only 3-3.5 will ever be available.
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