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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
The cost of this board is not worth it, at least to me.
However I love the colour scheme, but the NIC is just not something that is proven to be better. A waste.

All of the recent high-end X58 boards include BigFoot NICs though. I don't see the harm if it doesn't add too much cost, however it's hard to say how much exactly since they've thrown in so many other features making it impossible to compare.

Look at the P8P67 boards though, some of them have Intel NICs (finally) and it doesn't seem to add any more cost compared to the Realtek solutions from other manufacturers. I don't think the BigFoot NIC costs THAT much more (maybe like $25?) when it's being integrated into the board. I've seen them on sale for $50 at NCIX lately. Even if there's no huge difference in performance, I still think it's better than Realtek or Marvell solutions.
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