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not byoc and undisclosed game you have to register for?

that's kinda weird.
Why is that weird? The $5 registration is just so we can sell tickets and have an idea of how many people are attending. Its not like the registration will make the sponsors any money ;) To be honest, some of the sponsors felt if we allowed free sign ups then people would sign up and not show. Which would be a waste of everybody's time. They feel more confident that if someone pays an amount (no matter how small) that they will actually attend.

As for the game being undisclosed... I just thought it was a nice twist. I mean, we did disclose that it was a FPS game which gives people a fair idea of what to expect. I could narrow it down a bit and say that we are looking to showcase the hardware being used so don't expect to see CS or Source in the tourney. :)
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