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Yep you don't need to bring your PC. The event is in a local lan center with their own PCs. We will have 20 PCs for open gaming, 10 PC's for the tourney, and prolly some XBOX's and stuff as well to keep people busy. The 50 person cap will mean that not everyone will have PC to play on all the time, but since the goal is to win the tourney we figured that it wasn't that big a deal. Also, so long as people are there they have the chance to win stuff. We have a ton of prizes to give out. Also, many of the sponsors will be there in person, so it could be a good chance to get to talk to someone from Gigabyte or Corsair or Nvidia (etc) and ask them those questions you always wanted to ask a manufacturer. ;)


P.S. My identity is TOP SECRET ;)
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