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My System Specs


Entertainment device or work device?

iPad 2 is hard to beat as an entertainment device. Speaking as an iPhone owner, as a work, syncing, and collaborative device - iOS blows. I have to use 7 different programs to join my email/calendar and tasks in a decent manner and even then it's a very kludgey system.

In my experience, Android based tablets leave a lot to be desired in terms of functionality. There simply isn't the polished feel you experience with iOS or BB. MFGs have not optimized Honeycomb for their products, which is very evident from the first time you lay a finger on it, even tablets more powerful than the iPad feel sluggish, laborious and unintuitive. I am HOPING this will change as the OS matures, and it seems to be 100% software, as we KNOW the hardware is powerful enough. However they are much more friendly as project and work focused tablets. The interaction with other google products is pivotal, the general design of honeycomb is much better for a user who needs and wants to know what's going on, is part of collaborative projects, and is using the tablet more as you would your work desk, with notepad, calendar, task manager etc.
My suggestion for android based tablet would be to check out the EEE Transformer/Pad BUT BUT BUT - Wait for an Acer product that's expected to debut sometime in May. It looks very promising and despite the fact that Acer may not be heavily focus on exceptional quality with their notebooks, this tablet is supposed to be another story.

The Motorola XOOM is nice, I just feel it may be a little overpriced?

Playbook is an interesting mix - it actually has excellent media qualities, I would prefer it over the iPad for a media device and web based consumption. As a work device, it's only useful if you are a blackberry user and have your crackberry surgically attached to your body. As a complete entertainment (games, books, media, productivity) it simply doesn't have a well developed library to support it.... yet.
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