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My System Specs


I bought a Xonar DG from NCIX for $16 after MIR because I was unsatisfied with the P8P67 PRO onboard audio. I am happy with the Xonar DG. For a cheap card it is great IMHO. I use Altec Lansing MX5021 and/or Sennheiser 595's FWIW.

To make a long story short, because the bottom GfX card is really close to the PCI slot...I cannot really install the Xonar DG card...that would block one of the TFII fans.... my other accessible PCI slot is right under the top card...same scenario...too close to the fan and would block off one of the fan...
Ya that is why I went with reference 570 SLI. Previously I had 470 SLI TFII cards and ran into the same limitations... Well ok, the main reason was that I wanted the heat to exit the case straight away and not have the heat from the bottom card feed into the top card.
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