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I find it a bit difficult to see how you managed the cabling. :)

Edit: ST, let me know if I am incorrect, but on 2nd look, your system looks convenient to manage cabling especially with your case if there's already pre-drilled holes or there is a design to allow for cables to go.

My problem is that my case being an Antec 300 w/ Corsair HX520 PSU and mobo that has the POWER connectors (on the mobo) at or very near the exhaust fan (side). How on earth do I get them there (WITHOUT going over top the mobo)? Does that help describe my dilemma???? :-(

The PSU at the bottom of the case means I need to direct a 24-pin and 8-pin power ATX cable somehow to the top left corner of the case/mobo. :-/

Here's a newbie question: how does one post pictures? You use an image hosting site? Which one does HC recommend to use?

I am not sure how one would do a good job with cable management with an Antec 300.... looking forward to seeing krajee's pictures. Hope they're clear. :)

The HAF 912 is $60! Is it better for cable management compared to the HAF 922, CM 690 II, K62, A90 and 600T? It sure is an inviting price but I'll go up to $100 easy if the design is good.

Why do you guys prefer a case over another? I would choose cable management and fan options as my priority. I will have quite a few 120mm fans now. Can I use them for the new case? I suppose if I have some left over (not sure if these other cases use other sizes like 200mm or 140mm), I can keep them for a spare computer. I'll be re-using the Antec 300 for an older computer eventually so it even makes me more frustrated! I *still* have to deal with this case! One good part of that, though, is that I will have a chance to go to work. LOL! Dremel or????

Anyways, thanks for the recommendations! How does the HAF 912 compare to the 922? The HAF 922 is in a local store so if I go with the 912 instead, if there are some similarities, I can go take a look and have an idea.

Sorry for the long posts! I thought I solved the air cooling/cable management issues with the Antec 300! How wrong I was! The cooling might be adequate but with a PSU with short cables and no real design for cable management, it is more of a project that I wanted. The other search will be for a modular PSU with super long cables! :D

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