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My System Specs


I don't think mixing cards is the best idea... Crossfire in general has it's own instability issues and mixing cards will likely only make this worse.

Honestly you're better off buying a single faster card and not rely on Crossfire. SHIFT2 doesn't even use Crossfire (the Catalyst App Profiles disable it) and Crysis 2 is supported very poorly (usually causes flickering, and as far as I can tell no performance gain).

I thought adding a 2nd 5870 to my setup was an ideal solution a few months ago after getting a U2711 (2560x14400), but really it wasn't. I had tried Crossfire once before with HD4850s and was disappointed, and now with HD5870s, I see not much progress has been made.

I think you'll be happier with a HD6950/70 or GTX570/80.
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