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Originally Posted by krajee View Post
I just put everything behind the mobo tray and hdd rack on my Antec 300 - too lazy to make holes. I'll throw some pics up when I get home from work.
That would be good, thanks. I don't know what to do with mine. I read of people using a dremel but I think that requires taking everything out? Also, I don't have one so I would either have to buy one or find someone who has one.

Originally Posted by Arundor View Post
I have a CM 690 II and I've found the cable management space behind the motherboard tray to be very small. I cannot make all the cables from my non-modular PSU fit there and I have to leave the side panel off.

I wouldn't count on good cable management from it unless you have a modular PSU and thus don't need to fit very many cables behind the tray.
I will only buy a modular PSU now (I have one now but the cables are short) and I will make sure the cables are LONG. Not sure if I have to go to a particular model or brand but this is the 2nd case I bought with cable management problems! No more Antec cases regardless of price! Why don't they address this? I read of many people complaining about Antec 900 cases among others. I won't buy another Antec case until they decide to make holes in it for cable management.

That is strange regarding two totally different perspectives on the A90 case. I will have to look at it before I even consider. I will figure out what kind of holes are preferable and who designs a good one before I even put hardware in a new case, too. I don't like messing around with cables and if I have to, I want things convenient. Some of the cases out there are expensive and they're just big aluminum or steel boxes. I like when a manufacturer at least has some thought into how people have different power supplies, motherboards etc. and figure people want cable management options.

I am not sure which case to get, though. I have to keep my Antec 300 for now. I am looking at it and can only think of having the main 8-pin and maybe the 24-pin cable going around the side so it would be blocking the area in which you take out the sound/video cards but I don't know where else they can go if I don't want them going over the motherboard. Probably will to some extent, anyway. :-(
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