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Default Thinking about adding a 5870 to my 5850, need some advice....

I'm putting together my new Sandy Bridge 2500k / Asus P8P67 rig. I already have a 5850 that's clocks 900/1250 with absolutely no problems, and I now I have the chance to buy an almost new XFX non-reference 5870 for $160CAD/$170 CAD depending on if I get it mailed or delivered, I just have a couple of questions/concerns before I pull the trigger....

1. My new board only does 16x/4x crossfire, from what I researched the 4x doesn't affect crossfire performance, what are your thoughts?

2. Since I my 5850 ocs to above 5870 clock speeds, would it bottleneck the 5870 that much?

3. Which card should I use as the primary on the 16x lane? Would the non-reference cooler of the XFX come into consideration?

4. I'm using three 32" 720p TVs for eyefinity resolution of 4080x768. It looks fantastic but I'd like to have higher AA in newer games like Crysis 2 and Shift 2 and then eventually BF3 since my resolution is inherently limited. My 5850 struggles a bit, would this new setup allow me to do my resolution with good AA with ease?

5. Is this a good price for 5870? lol

Thanks in advance guys, any help would be appreciated.
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