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Originally Posted by crazyhorsejohnny View Post
I'd give it a 6.5 maybe 7.

What about getting a modular power supply?
Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
+1 for a modular cable PSU
Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
You could get version 2.0 of the TX750 for the same price. -1
Your Vengeance RAM kit will not fit on your motherboard with the NHD14. Go for low profile heat sink RAM kit. I recommend Kingston. -2
I know that the HAF 932 has an updated version with USB. 3.0 and newer fans. -1
i7 2600k? Meh. Your other parts are value oriented while the CPU isn't. i5 all the way. -1 because as a gamer, if I'm going to blow money away, first I'd get more video power.
+1 for considering future CF with 750w and UD4

6/10. Hope that helps and good luck!
ahhh so it wont work??? I need to change something?
you said that the ram wont fit into my mother board because of the heatsing of the CPU...what if i remove the heatsink,stay with the normal, the ram will fit?
well you said that all other parts are value while the CPU isnt, So thats mean that it will be bottlenecking???

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