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Default Cable management case for $100?

As the title states, cable management is an essential feature! I am tired of cases in which cable management was down the line on priorities. Although, I think Antec does a good job with cases, I've had two so far and cable management wasn't a priority. It doesn't help I'm not buying expensive cases but I read some manufacturers do put some investment in it.

Can someone recommend me a case or cases that would be good at cable management? I know I can mod the case if it's really essential but it would be good if the case started out with that in mind. I am not sure why all the manufacturers put this as a priority #1 when we have so many components and cables going around.

Anyway, first, I will list some cases that are available locally to me so if any of these are good choices, it would at least allow me to check them out before purchase:

Thermaltake Armor A90; CM 690 II; NZXT M59

Any other candidates?

The Corsair Graphite Series 600T was suggested in another thread. But, I don't think I can get that locally and it's more expensive. How does it compare? It would have to be worth the extra bucks as I would have to tag on shipping charges, too.

The reason I'm even looking at cases is that my Antec 300 is a bit of a pain to manage cabling with. But, that's not the sole reason. I might be putting together a cheap system together with spare parts and that way I can move my main system into a new case and the spare computer can have the Antec 300 case. This would be the third 'move' for my main system so I guess it teaches me to invest more time and evaluation on cases next time!

The Antec 300 is an adequate case, don't get me wrong. I bought it for $50 and have seen it advertised for $35 on sale but I'm glad I didn't buy a 2nd one. I guess I'm getting more picky about cabling and I think it should help for improved air flow and cooling, right?

I'm not sure when I'd buy the new case. Not until next month at the earliest. I'll make do with the current Antec 300 and in the meantime I'm trying to do the best cable management job I can. Not easy to work with, though, imho. Any Antec 300 case owners out there? Just wondering what Antec 300 owners did. I guess there are mods that involve drilling but I am looking at some simple cable re-route jobs and maybe getting an extension cable connector for one of the cables.

Looking forward for some recommendations. I have no idea what is good as I have done no reading on cases. Not my favorite component to gloss over. :) Also, I figure the best ones are probably very expensive and maybe full towers. My budget is probably $100 for the case, though, unfortunately.
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