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The C300 is a beast of a SSD. To the best of my knowdlge there is no dif besides form factor (and dif PCB) between the 2.5" and 1.8" SSDs. Ive come to the conclusion that I prefer the C300 to the SF first gen SSDs (think Vertex 2). The only caveat is they are SATA 6GB/s ssds and need a sata 6 port to get the most out of them.

Though to be honest...if it came down a V+ (which has been replaced with the V+ 100) or a C300 on SATA 3gb/s port...I would still pick the C300. The V+ was competition for the Indilinx drives (think Vertex 1) and it was still not as good as them. It will get its arse handed to it by a C300. Hell, the V+ has a stutter issue which while hidden by its massive cache can and does pop up from time to time.

The C300 was recently EOL'd as the C400 is now out. It too is a great SSD but that doesnt make the C300 a "bad" one. ;)
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