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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
What model Lacie did you pick up? When you were getting 55mb/s how much of the lacie's space was full?
If its a Lacie Rikiki its a 5400rpm hitachi hdd in it (or at least that is what is in my 1tb rikiki) thus 55 is not outside the realm of possibility!

When in doubt...upgrade the NEC controller firmware and drivers. Your mobo mfger's driver and firmware are probably atleast one revision out of date (or more). I get mine from SONY/NEC/RENESAS Drivers & Firmwares
Mine is the 1TB LaCie Rikki, in properties it lists it as a Toshiba MK1059GSM drive. I downloaded a newer driver from station-drivers. Transfer speed jumped to an avg 74MB/s Much better. Then I returned to my original OC and my original problem returned. So there is definitely something wrong with my OC. Just have to figure out what.

EDIT: So I lowered my PCIE from 101 to 100 and USB3.0 now works perfectly.

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