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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Changing to a 750MHz CPU will offer almost no gain at all in speed, waste of cash. Instead of changing the drive I would get an external USB drive to store all data and just use the 20GB drive for the OS install. It's very likely that chipset/BIOS will not support over 37GB anyways.

I was told a Latitude Dell LS would not support a large drive, there are PATA drives at the 320GB level or similar, over 250GB anyway, XP will see that, Win 9x (95-98-ME) will not. However, you can get a format of 120GBs from a larger drive, Formatting with Windows 9x allows an easy swap, with Vista or XP, the chipset and variables must match, then it assumes the same system with new peripherals. Trust me, I work on these for a few years now, just look on YouTube to see what can be done.

The C series includes the CPx all the way to the C800s and above, C800 series has Pentium 3 Tualatin and built in DVD/CD drives as well as modules, the CPx and C600, C610, and C640 share the same outward hardware so motherboards can be swapped, even among Inspiron with the same specs. I took them apart and shared things like 14.1 inch displays among the 600-640s, where the CPx and CPt, etc, tend to vary is the evolution to Pentium 3, and Dell supported three speeds there all in all I believe, 650, 750, and 850 PIII Coppermines

For the MMC-1, perhaps same appearance as the PIII machines but the hardware WAS revised as far as layout. The only real problem is USB x1 port and Dell's reluctance to move to 2.0 USB for some time, and these demand often to have a USB support card and no Internal Ethernet is the main drawback, no miniPCI card for Wifi onboard, so try a port replicator perhaps? Some allow additional features, as well as a power source if the jack goes bad on the main laptop.

To also note, two front modules for the Latitudes means you can buy two batteries and use them in both slots! My first computer was a 700Mhz Celeron, and it came with DVD combi drive, so the speed of the CPU is really no issue. Tualatin is the best, but Coppermine is no slouch! Mobiles are faster then desktops I believe
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