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@ lowfat: Not really - it was that if you backed up at the same time as the core was writing a checkpoint, then the backup would be no good. It was tough to gauge when core checkpoints would occur since they were separate from the client checkpoints and so users had no control over them. So while it was impossible to completely avoid backing up during a core checkpoint, the risk could be mitigated by using irregular intervals for the backup. That's no longer necessary as the client checkpoints now control the core checkpoints properly. And besides, I've seen no evidence to suggest that backing up during a checkpoint pooches the backup any more. Adding an hourly backup to Ubuntu is easy. I've even written some simple verify, restore and force backup scripts.

I would guess I've had about 10 or so ^C shutdowns which damaged the WU and would have ordinarily resulted in a lost WU but were averted thanks to the hourly backup. ^C and the Linux A5 core are not friends.

@ Alpine: Unfortunately, I cannot speak intelligently about the Linuxrouter image as I haven't used it since the A2 days.
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